The Oilinvest Group has grown from a small investment company into a major player in the European downstream industry, with its head office located in the Netherlands. Our culture has evolved over the course of that process, and will undoubtedly undergo further changes as we continue to change over time.


Some key aspects, however, are easily identifiable, and will surely remain part of the fabric of the organisation. First and foremost, internationalism. Our head office headcount of 15 currently encompasses no fewer than seven different nationalities. Another key factor is expertise. Each of us has been carefully picked to take sole or co-responsibility for one key executive function; each is an expert in his or her field.


Underpinning that expertise is respect, which governs all our dealings with our immediate colleagues and with those at our affiliates. It’s vital that in every interaction with affiliate colleagues, our contribution is welcomed, our value-add recognised and appreciated. We are here to provide a service. And, through coordination, cooperation, and the integration of expertise across national and functional boundaries, to change things for the better, to everyone’s benefit.


Integrity and concern for others have always been central to our culture. We deal fairly, meet our commitments, and always make good on our promises. We comply fully with all applicable regulations and laws wherever we operate, and are careful to meet or exceed all our environmental obligations. We take pride in operating ethically, and fulfilling obligations over and above those to our shareholders.

Our people

Oilinvest is a large and diverse group of companies covering every aspect of the downstream oil industry; our people come from a wide range of backgrounds and contribute a wide variety of skills. But whether they’re accountants or engineers, service station attendants or marketers, they share an enthusiasm, a drive and an integrity that have attracted them to work in a company where everyone counts, and every individual can make a difference.


Organisation chart

The Oilinvest Group is 100% ultimately owned by Libyan Public Companies.