Towards a sustainable future

The Oilinvest Group is committed to continually improve its own and its companies’ processes and operations and ensuring that wherever they operate and whatever they do, they do it as responsibly, safely and cleanly as possible, and with the maximum benefit to society at large.

Efficient systems

We take it as a basic principle that anything we do we can do better. Each of our subsidiaries works continually to improve its efficiency, and many successful initiatives are replicated in other parts of the group. Recent enhancements include:

  • Investing in new technology to cut CO2 emissions.
  • Reducing energy consumption at service stations, by installing roof solar panels;
  • Substituting fully electronic invoicing for ‘the paper trail’, drastically reducing environmental impact;
  • Reducing truck mileage per year by using local supplies wherever possible, coordinating road and rail more efficiently, and optimising routing;
  • Using renewable energies to power our installations;
  • Focusing on energy savings projects in our Holborn’s refinery and in our logistic depot in Cremona and Collombey.

At any given time, we will have numerous pilot schemes in operation, looking to further enhance our operational efficiency, add more value, reduce costs, and deliver greater benefit to our shareholders. But efficiency is about more than commercial success. It’s about being a responsible organisation, doing the right thing, and protecting the planet for future generations.

Better products

IInnovative products can also help the environment. Many Tamoil stations:

  • Provide EV charging services,
  • Sell fossil fuels blended with increasing share of waste oils, vegetable oils and fatty waste products,
  • Started to market biodiesel in pure form (HVO), not blended with fossil diesel.

Good neighbour

Oilinvest aims always to be a good neighbour. Our Group companies contribute via donation, sponsorship projects and volunteering to many local and national charities. We welcome engagement with local communities and other stakeholders and strive always to be – and to be seen as – a ‘good neighbour’, wherever we operate.


Safe neighbour

Safety is non-negotiable. Risk management systems, regular reporting and monitoring of HSSE (Health-Safety-Security-Environment), frequent HSSE initiatives, technical innovations such as double-coated tanks, pipes and sealed pavements, and regular inspections by independent inspectors are among measures helping maintain the best possible security and safety standards inside and outside the Oilinvest Group.