Deutsche Tamoil

The Oilinvest Group’s German retailing is carried out through a network of over 400 service stations, operating nationwide under the HEM brand. HEM is well known for delivering high quality at fair prices.


In 1993 HEM was acquired and integrated into the Oilinvest Group, soon to be renamed as Deutsche Tamoil GmbH. Nationwide expansion began in 1997. In 2009 the company launched a total brand refresh, including a new logo, followed by the introduction of an innovative shop and bistro concept in 2010.

Lean, clean & green

Deutsche Tamoil is now one of the country’s top 10 operators, with around 100 people at head office helping several thousand employees in more than 400 HEM stations and over 400 service station dealers meet the needs of over 270,000 customers a day. Constantly investing in the expansion and modernisation of its stations, it has a highly dedicated workforce, a lean company structure, and a strong focus on efficiency, helping underpin a clear and widely-recognized value proposition and a firm commitment to delighting every customer.

Deutsche Tamoil also takes great pride in its green credentials. More than 230 waste water treatment facilities have been installed at their car wash machines, where washing your car now uses less water than your morning shower. Deutsche Tamoil complies fully with all applicable legislation and European environmental laws.

Fit for the future

In support of its value positioning, Deutsche Tamoil has installed a state of the art pricing system, enabling price fine-tuning in response to local competitor moves in real-time, several times a day, enabling it to make good on its core promise to customers: good quality at fair prices.

In 2015 Deutsche Tamoil headquarters were moved to modern offices in Hamburg city centre at the river Alster, appropriate to the needs of one of Germany’s top downstream oil companies.

Deutsche Tamoil

  • Employees 96
  • Service stations 400+