Holborn Marketing – Cyprus

Holborn Marketing has established a significant presence as one of the key suppliers of Oil products in Northwest Germany. Active in the wholesale business in Germany since 1987, the company sells 4.5 million tons of finished products which is the total production of the Holborn Refinery.

Respectable market position

Holborn Marketing ensures that the Deutsche Tamoil network of 416 service stations is supplied with their volumetric requirements directly from the refinery and through exchange contracts. With headquarters in Larnaca, Cyprus, Holborn Marketing selects the most suitable crude and other hydrocarbons to deliver oil products to its customers at the refinery where the products are picked up by truck, rail, barges and ships. With a turnover of over 3 billion EUR and a good profitability record, Holborn Marketing has gained a respectable market position over the years.


Holborn Marketing

  • Employees 53
  • Billion euro’s turnover Over 3
  • Wholesales 4500 kta