Tamoil Italia

Tamoil Italia S.p.A began in 1986, when a private investor acquired Amoco’s entire Italian operation, consisting of a refinery in Cremona and a network of service stations. In 1988, Tamoil Italia was acquired by the Oilinvest Group. Driven by industrial developments and for cost-saving imperatives, Tamoil Italia took the decision to close the Cremona refinery, transform it into a logistics hub, and to refocus its strategy towards logistics and retailing.

Retrench, refocus, revitalise

The decision to transform Cremona into a modern logistics hub enabled Tamoil Italia to become competitive in storage and supply logistics and able to determine market ranking and performance. After a round of vigorous cost-cutting, Tamoil purchased 24% of Continentale, representing 14.4% of SIGEMI – three tank farms connected by about 150km of pipelines, enabling a secure and modern logistics hub in the heart of Italy’s industrial heartland – the Po Valley. This new capability helped in the negotiation of a number of long-term supply contracts.

In retail, meanwhile, the company began rationalising its network, focusing attention and investment on improving large, owned, automated stations, while withdrawing from a number of smaller, unprofitable sites. Various optimisation projects have been implemented, to make these core stations among the best in the market: direct management, automation and micro-pricing, motorway optimisation, ENI Multicard acceptance and electronic coupon systems.

Stronger logistics have also benefited Tamoil Italia’s wholesale activities, with a particular growth in the jet fuel business.


Tamoil Italia is a large producer of lubricants and co-owner of a Lubes Plant based in Northern Italy. Thanks to its technical know-how, the Tamoil lubricant products are endorsed by official approvals from Car, Truck and Powertrain makers (O.E.M.) such as: Porsche, Mercedes, Audi-Volkswagen, Volvo-Renault-Mack, ZF and VOITH. Furthermore, Tamoil Italia is not only operating at a national level, but is also in charge of developing the lubes business in Europe.

Tamoil Italia

  • Employees 290
  • Service stations 1552
  • Wholesales 1650 kta