Tamoil Netherlands

The Oilinvest Group has been retailing in Holland since 1993, with a network now expanded to more than 225 service stations, the vast majority of which are company owned and operated under the Tamoil brand.

Imaginative innovations

The Dutch downstream industry has faced a challenging environment over the last decennium, with constrained demand and taxation increases. Market-wide rationalisation has seen many manned stations replaced by unmanned, and new partnerships emerging in supply, logistics and marketing. Tamoil has been at the forefront, and was among the first to forge supply and logistics partnerships with peers. In 2016 Tamoil was the first oil company in Europe to enable mobile payment at its service stations, it started a partnership with Neste to add a fossil free diesel to its product portfolio in 2019 and launched the Tamoil app to create even more loyalty among their private customers.

Ambitious plans

The company has a number of ambitious plans for the future. Over the next few years, Tamoil Netherlands will be looking to leverage its existing assets more effectively and develop new ways to enhance customer satisfaction, helping it maintain its long-term competitiveness, maximise its profitability and further strengthen its financial base.

Tamoil Netherlands

  • Employees 34
  • Service stations 202