The Oilinvest Group’s retail activity began in 1988 with the acquisition of 774 service stations in Italy, launching the ‘Tamoil’ brand. Retail activities in Germany are both the Tamoil and HEM brands.

Challenging business

European fuel retailing is a challenging business. Cars taken off the road tend to be replaced by new ones with more efficient engine technology (which consumes less fuel), as well as by renewable fuels Oilinvest is meeting such challenges by offering fossil fuels blended with biofuels as Ethanol and Fame in compliance with the EU stringent environmental regulations. Furthermore, in some dedicated stations in Italy and the Netherlands, Oilinvest is offering fuel fully generated by vegetable sources or waste (pure HVO).

Electric Vehicle charging points have also been installed in multiple locations and will continue to be installed in line with the market growing demand.

Oilinvest has recently joined Quantron A.G. to accelerate deployment of fuel cell commercial vehicles and to build hydrogen-based refueling infrastructure for the supply of such vehicles.

Oilinvest strategy is aimed at increasing the energy services for its clients and contributing to accelerate the decarbonization of road freight in all the countries where Oilinvest is present.

Presence and positioning

In Italy, the Tamoil brand is widely recognised, with a market share of around 8.6%, and a particularly strong presence in the North, in and around the densely populated Po Valley region. In this, one of Europe’s most competitive and over-supplied markets, the company’s focus is on rationalising its network and concentrating effort on optimising large, owned, automated stations, while increasing the renewable energies offer.

In the price-sensitive German market, HEM is a widely-recognised value brand, with micro-pricing technology used to respond to price changes in real time throughout the day. Most of HEM’s 416 stations (representing a 4.7% market share) are modern, high-throughput, and equipped with top convenience stores.

Oilinvest maintains a 235 strong network of service stations in Switzerland, giving it a market share of 5.3%, and a network of 226 stations for a 4.5% market share in the Netherlands. In Spain the company goal is to increase the current network of 29 service stations through networks acquisition available in the market.

Bigger, better, more modern

Throughout its European retailing operations, Oilinvest is well-established for the long haul, focused on developing bigger, better and more modern outlets, offering renewable fuels, investing where local conditions and priorities dictate, and looking for opportunities to extend and consolidate its market presence.