Oilinvest’s trading arm, Tamoil Overseas Limited, operates out of Cyprus, trading on world markets in crude oil, refined products, petrochemicals and lubricants. Predominantly active in the Mediterranean region, North West Europe and Africa, the company is increasing its activities in Asia and the rest of the world.

Crude Oil

The bulk of Tamoil Overseas Limited’s crude oil supply and trading takes place between producers and suppliers in North Africa (Libya/Algeria/Egypt), West Africa (Nigeria), the North Sea (Norway/Great Britain/Denmark), Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Such activity meets both the requirements of the Group’s Holborn refinery in Germany and its trading activities. Diversification by region and grade from its onetime reliance on Libyan crude has helped the company become an important player in international markets and enabled the Group’s Holborn refinery to optimise its runs to better meet continually changing product quality specifications.

Refined Products & Petrochemicals

Tamoil Overseas Limited is also active in products trading, from gasoil, jet fuel and mogas to a diversified portfolio of products such as petrochemicals and olefins (pygas, methanol, crude C4, propylene, polyethylene, sulphur and urea), both supplying end-consumers in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia, and importing into Libya. The company also trades fuel oil and naphtha, and is looking into other markets such as bio diesel and LNG.


Tamoil Overseas Limited is also involved in the international trading of a range of high tech mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, marketing to more than 20 European and Far East countries through a network of partners and distributors.