As well as selling direct through its own retail outlets, any major integrated oil business will sell large volumes of products via wholesale. The Oilinvest Group makes around half of its total sales on such markets, to major buyers including oil companies, independent wholesale customers, large industrial consumers including airlines, heating oil sellers and final private end users.
Oilinvest has a well-established track record and presence in wholesale, originally largely driven by sales of refined products emerging from its own refinery.

With a sale of 4.5 million tons, Holborn Marketing has grown to supply the wider Northern part of Germany, where industrial activity and population – and therefore demand – tend to be concentrated. More than 80% of the supply consists of products such as gasoline, diesel and heating oil.

With total wholesale sales in the range of 1.3million tons Tamoil Italia plays an important role in the wholesale market, taking benefit from owned logistics in Cremona and Trecate and through its participations in Sigemi’s and Decal’s import and storage facilities. A significant growth has been recorded in the Jet fuel sector in the main Italian airports (Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa).

With total wholesale sales of around 0.8 million tons, in Switzerland, Tamoil has gained an important presence through its ventures with regional distributor companies, operating within the various cantons. Following the closure of its refinery in Collombey in 2015, Tamoil further invested in the logistics facilities in Aigle terminal (which includes storage, blending and dispatching facilities) in order to keep its large retail and wholesale customers portfolio. Today Tamoil is one of the largest energy supplier of the country.